Clayton Geoffreys contacted me trough Goodreads to offer me the chance of reading this book in exchange for an honest review.

Here it Goes.

Kawhi Leonard is a very young and talented player in one of the best franchises in the league, that is why his ascent into all star levels has not passed unnoticed by any fan of the sports, not even the playoffs only fans.

The best part of the book is when Clayton goes to town and lets us know more of Leonard before the NBA, his upbringing, his family life and his development as a young player up to the draft.

Then, the lion's share of the book is occupied by a recounting of his career that being a player so young and so fresh in our memories, feels unneeded .

The book ends with the reiteration of the opinion of the author that Leonard was lucky to be selected by the spurs, while the spurs found gold when selecting Leonard.

It is a quick read but i struggle to find a target audience for the book in 2016, Leonard, will, no doubt be a hall of famer, but right now, the information that occupies the majority of the page count is not that valuable.

Clayton offers information in his books that is different from what most fans have , which is what is on the mainstream media, that is why taking a look of his oeuvre is advisable if you want to know this players better.